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Updates from India

Thanks to the Internet we can be in touch with India and our contacts/partners there on a regular basis, in fact, almost daily. That is such a blessing. However it isn’t the same as being there in person so we do hope that we can go again in 2022. That is our prayer. Companions of […]

South Asian Diaspora in Fondi

Andrew Diprose spent his high school years in Fondi, Italy, in the 80s. Back then who could have imagined having a sizeable population of Indians in Fondi? The only brown or black faces then were Italian farmers tanned by working in the sun and a handful of Tunisian and Moroccan migrants. Fast track to the […]

The South Asian Forum connects, unites and represents

The South Asian Forum, part of the Evangelical Alliance, exists for two main reasons, explains Dayalan Mahesan, SAF’s National Co-ordinator. “The first is to support, help coordinate and profile the valuable work of the growing South Asian church within the UK. Secondly, to help the UK-wide church more confidently and effectively engage with South Asians […]

Kachhwa Christian Hospital – Oxygen Appeal

Thank you again to all those who gave so generously. As we have reported earlier, we finally received in total £227,229. We were able to send £111,000 to Kachhwa for the oxygen machine and other needed equipment. We sent the balance to six other hospitals in similar rural locations, with the same needs. Shankar Ramachandran, […]

Prayer for Afghanistan

Evangelicals Now reports an interview with a church leader there: https://www.e-n.org.uk/2021/09/world-news/christians-under-the-taliban/0d988/ Speaking anonymously, the church leader said that in areas already under Taliban control, ‘The Taliban come in the area of the mosque and [ask] how many members and households are part of that [area] and they take names of all of those people who […]

Covid 19 has definitely changed lives

How can we forget the scenes on our TV screens as the devastating second Covid wave struck India?  Thangtei David leads Sugandh, a small grassroots charity working in slum and resettlement areas in New Delhi, one of SAC’s partners. Here she describes how it affected her family and the communities where the team work. Covid […]

Prayer for Afghanistan

We are deeply saddened at the news from Afghanistan. We pray for the people and for the leaders on all sides. We have seen people’s fear of reprisals and of continuing violence. In every conflict, women and children will suffer most, so we pray particularly for them. Here are some prayer points, with particular focus […]

Points for prayer – July 2021

Living in the diaspora Pray for those of us living in the diaspora: (i) give thanks for the opportunities for community with people of all backgrounds where we live. (ii) pray that we will take opportunities to share ourselves and our faith (iii) pray for those who feel separated at this time from loved ones […]

Diaspora Mission

A new church in Rochdale Ram Prasad and Keshari Shrestha were commissioned by their church in Kathmandu, Koinonia Patan Church, to serve as missionaries ‘from the east to the west’, with their blessings and financial support. They arrived in Manchester, UK, on 13th February, and stayed with Mr and Mrs Ejaz, who are ministering among […]

Covid-19: the toll in South Asia

We have all seen the tragic reports of the last 2-3 months as Covid-19 has rampaged through South Asia. Though it has peaked in some urban areas it is still spreading in more remote village areas. Every death is painful: “We had another 3 deaths in the last four days,” a rural hospital reports. “This […]

News from Kachhwa

Your response to the appeal has been amazing and we are so grateful to God. We had received £226,000 by early June, from our original appeal for £20,000. The hospital purchased the oxygen generating machine (£20,000), but it has only just arrived, because of national shortages. The ventilators (£30,000) arrived in the first week of […]

Bloom where you are planted

Ruwani Gunawardene reflects on her experience of diaspora life, through changing times and now through the pandemic. What will hold us together through our different cultures? May 2020 found my local residents’ association distribute bedding plants to all neighbours as we came out of lockdown one. It brought hope and a sense of togetherness to […]

News from Kachhwa Christian Hospital

Response to the appeal has been amazing and we are so grateful to God. We have received £226,000 so far, from our original appeal for £20,000. The hospital purchased the oxygen generating machine, but installation was delayed, because of general shortages. It is due to be despatched from Coimbatore (S India) on 11th June. The […]

Oxygen for India: amazing response and on-going needs

Two weeks ago we appealed for funds for an oxygen generating machine for our partner hospital in north India. Almost overnight we received gifts to cover the cost. When the hospital realised their need for ventilators as well, gifts continued to come in, far beyond our original request. The hospital has now purchased the oxygen […]

Oxygen for India – the need continues

As India’s battle with coronavirus continues, and people are dying for lack of hospital beds and oxygen, a small rural hospital in north India has appealed for help to buy an oxygen generating machine and 3 ventilators. Kachhwa Christian Hospital, near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, has just been appointed a Covid hospital, as the officially […]

English identity and racial justice

Brexit, the threat to the union, George Floyd’s murder, the Black Lives Matter movement and the toppling/defence of statues all highlight how Britain’s history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and empire still affect people today. Is this a secular and political matter that should not concern Christians, or do we have something to contribute? If […]

Points for prayer – April 2021

Kachhwa Bible Church Thank God that the church has started meeting in-person. Pray that it will go back to pre-COVID full strength. Thank God for the transformation in Ujwal and Vishwas’s life. Also, for Vikas and Utkarsh in the leadership team and Prathana who is becoming a leader. Pray for their continuous growth in every […]


5:17 Day of prayer 5:17 Prayer day was held on February 27th, 2021 on Zoom. This time there were three live presentations and two recorded videos, from Delhi, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Germany and the UK, followed by the time of prayer. There was also time in the end to share Diaspora missions in Minneapolis and Italy, […]

SBT: a year of unexpected changes and new possibilities

In February 2020 the School of Biblical Teaching leadership team met to review teaching materials and to plan an increased number of workshops, with those trained taking larger roles. Their careful plans were cancelled within weeks, as India entered a severe lockdown and millions of low-paid workers lost their livelihood in an instant. Workshops were […]

Seeing others in church

How COVID-19 restrictions have changed what church looks like at Kachhwa Transformational Ministries We gather outside, faces are masked and chairs spread out. Youth volunteers are seated at the entrance, greeting arrivals with hand sanitiser. Young children and the elderly are noticeably absent. A typical Sunday sees 80-100 gather, about a third of the number […]

Diaspora Mission – Agape UK

Looking for South Asian partnerships As an Indian Christian growing up in Delhi, I was taught the rich heritage of Christians who shaped India and the world – from St Thomas (the doubter), to William Carey, Mother Teresa, Ravi Zacharias and more. Today, in the UK and abroad, God is raising up a new generation of […]

Diaspora mission – Lausanne’s Global Diaspora Network

“If diaspora Christians take mission seriously, they can be a really powerful force”  It’s ten years since the launch of Lausanne’s Global Diaspora Network, which was celebrated by a Global Diaspora Virtual Summit. See the report below, from TV Thomas, Chair of Lausanne’s Global Diaspora Network. We took the opportunity to find out more about […]

5:17 Prayer Day

We held a Zoom prayer session on 21st November (10.30 – 12.00). There were video messages from Kachhwa, Dehra Dun, Delhi and Kathmandu, as well as a live update about Sri Lanka. There was also time for sharing other prayer news and afterwards some stayed on for further chat and exchange of news. Some of […]

Points for prayer – January 2021

Communities of Grace International movement For Dr. Matthew George and his wife Latha as they work on the spiritual development of professional Christian healthcare workers. For the other missions/organisations who have partnered with this mission. For the participants to develop a missional mindset with a commitment to be Kingdom builders. For this mission to be […]

Dinesh & Shannon Panjwani

Dinesh & Shannon Panjwani have left Kachhwa after serving there for 10 years. Dinesh worked as a surgeon and was also senior elder in Kachhwa Bible Church. Shannon worked as a nurse practitioner, and spent a lot of time with local women, telling them about the Gospel and teaching the Bible.  They have moved to […]

New Book: Lives less ordinary

  Lives less ordinary: a story of fearless faith in an extraordinary God, Roy Summers, Fisherman’s Press, 2020. A gripping and important story of Marlin and Barbara Summers and the beginnings of South Asian ministry in Wolverhampton 196 pages, £7.50. Order from: www.fishermanspress.com

Points for prayer

Thank God for the ‘wholistic’ work of KTM, with each team contributing to change in all areas of life – mental, physical, spiritual, educational, social, economic and more. KTM urgently need at least one more senior doctor to join the team. Please also pray that God would bring more like-minded families to serve alongside the […]

Continuing responses to Covid-19 in South Asia: focus on the poor

Pakistan: Prayer – Care – Share – Fair Pakistan Partnership Initiative’s response is based on four beliefs: Prayer for Pakistan and its people Care as God’s people Share resources and energies Fair distribution to all “The pandemic continues to deepen its impact on Pakistan’s society, not only economic disruption but also additional strain on public […]

Diaspora mission

Outreach from New Zealand Kristian Harang and Radha live in Auckland, New Zealand. Kristian has been in touch with SAC ministries for over 20 years now. He runs a publishing firm and has so far printed and sent/given over 2000 copies of gospel tracts to Indian families living in Auckland. Additionally, he sent translated copies […]

Wholistic ministry means wholesome transformation

What does ‘wholistic’ mean? Shiv Pujan’s story tells it all. This is a story of grace and of God who loves the poor. The grace that reached out to the whole family of a 35-year-old man, through all the spokes in the wheel of Kachhwa Transformational Ministries. Shiv Pujan’s life turned upside down one night when […]