Continuing responses to Covid-19 in South Asia: focus on the poor

Pakistan: Prayer - Care - Share - Fair Pakistan Partnership…

Diaspora mission

Outreach from New Zealand Kristian Harang and Radha live in…

Vijay David and Family - Following the Master from Punjab to Kachhwa

Vijay and Anju David and family left Kachhwa in June 2020 after…

Wholistic ministry means wholesome transformation

What does ‘wholistic’ mean? Shiv Pujan’s story tells it…



Gujarati Journeys of Faith

Gujarati Journeys of Faith is a new book that compiles the stories of first generation Gujaratis who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

Sharpening Arrows - Equipping Church Leaders for Ministry

The students of the Ezra Theology Course in north India, (part of the School of Biblical Teaching), have already been sharpened by their experience in ministry. As leaders in their local churches they come together three times a year for an intensive study session and continue in ministry while they are training.

Crisscrossing India with Good News

Concern was founded in 1995 to be an instrument for networking, catalysing, facilitating and encouraging church planting in north India.

A sweet fragrance for the poor

Saida was 'rescued' from modern day slavery through SAC partner Sugandh. Their work, in two very poor areas of Delhi, brings empowerment through education, women’s savings groups and community advocacy

It's all go in Goa

My wife and I recently flew with two friends to Goa. Not for a relaxing beach holiday, like most folk who visit Goa, but to visit a dear brother who is pastoring a young Pentecostal church. He had asked if we could help with some solid Bible teaching.

Vamos España!

Sunday morning in El Raval one of Barcelona’s multi-ethnic neighbourhoods. We made our way through the narrow backstreets to the Gurdwara. Thomas Hieber writes about a 10 day research trip into South Asians in Spain.

School of Biblical Teaching in Nepal

Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Nepal and the School of Biblical Teaching is empowering lay leaders and pastors to spread the Gospel.

ACTS Institute Celebrates 40 Years

Ken Gnanakan and Robin Thompson celebrate 40 years of the ACTS Institute, an innovative training programme for bi-vocational missionaries in Bangalore.

What will Pakistan look like in 2050?

Sanjay Mahtani considers what Pakistan will look like 2050. He argues that Pakistan is at a crossroads, and the Pakistani church is responding to this historic opportunity to influence its future.

Forman Christian College, Pakistan

Founded in 1864 by a US Presbyterian missionary, Forman Christian College offers a liberal arts education that prepares students not just in their area of study but for citizenship and life.

Make the best of your life - letters to Bahujan youth (book review)

Reading Make the Best of Your Life: Letters to Bahujan Youth is like taking a peek into an ongoing correspondence between an Uncle with his younger relatives - relational, warm, and packed with very practical advice.

Doing things Differently

Paul and Su reflect on 25 years as part of the SAC family and ‘doing things differently”.

Engaging with Sindhis across the world

The heart of the International Sindhi Partnership Consultation is to pray for God’s Kingdom to grow amongst Sindhis across the world, and to work out what we can do to encourage it.

Praying for South Asia

Our 5:17 Spring Day of Prayer at St John’s Church, Southall was attended by 55 people who ranged in age from their early 20s to their late 80s including some first timers interested to go to South Asia.

Let's talk about Jesus!

Every other Saturday we run a booktable on the main high street in Tooting, South London. Conversations are easier than you would think. People ask who we are and why we’re there – we tell them we’re from a local church and ask if they know why Jesus is such good news.

United Christian Prayer for India

Nearly 50 senior leaders attended the UCPI National Leaders Consultation in January 2018. We met to hear an update on the movement and plan for the future.

Training Leaders in north India

The Ezra Theology Course (ETC) makes available recognised, seminary-level training in Hindi to local church leaders. “Because most of these churches began in villages, most seminary courses would not be equipped to train leaders in their own ministry context.” Pastor Devender explained. “We wanted to bring training to them right there.”

SAC announces strategic collaboration with Interserve GBI

The SAC Trustees have announced that, from spring 2018, we will be entrusting our UK training and equipping ministry to Interserve GBI as part of a strategic collaboration.