Updates from India

Thanks to the Internet we can be in touch with India and our contacts/partners there on a regular basis, in fact, almost daily. That is such a blessing. However it isn’t the same as being there in person so we do hope that we can go again in 2022. That is our prayer.

Companions of Grace International (COGI) with Mathew George (pictured right – see Concern, January 2021) has moved forward! A number of study circles of healthcare professionals are meeting regularly in different states of India and the participants are maturing spiritually. Recently six leaders in significant locations, already busy in their own work, were appointed as Facilitators and are introducing COGI in healthcare circles. One of them, Dr Molly, writes “the Kingdom modules prepared by Mathew have spurred me on to unravel the multi-faceted truths and dimensions of the unshakable Kingdom of God… a truth to see us through unstable and difficult times.”

Paul continues to mentor Mathew and is part of a prayer chain that meets weekly on Zoom, so far mainly in Scotland and Northern Ireland. How about some from England?!


One of the doctor’s wives, together with Su, started a gettogether of widows before we had to leave. We are really encouraged that it is continuing in spite of a break during the pandemic. Su was able to talk to them at a recent get-together, as well as having regular WhatsApp calls with a couple of them.

‘Shepherds’ in the area around Herbertpur have needed extra prayer and encouragement in the last month as they have faced unpleasant confrontations, including a death threat.

The new Government requirements for training of nurses mean that Herbertpur has to enlarge its School of Nursing to a degree College for BSc (N). This means recruiting tutors with Masters’ degrees and prolonging the training to four years, with extra classrooms and hostel accommodation. This has been a challenge. As we endeavour to raise sponsors for young women from low income and pastors’ families we also face a challenge!

Children’s Homes in Himachal Pradesh

These two homes in remote areas are very much on our hearts and in our prayers. One home has 82 children and young people while the other has 86. Both have their own schools to which local children also go and receive a good education. The older children attend other schools and colleges. As restrictions are easing there is less online teaching, but it means that they have to attend classes. So they ask prayer for protection from COVID. Pray too for those who have graduated from the Homes as they share their faith.

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Paul and Su East, at present based in the UK, are involved in mentoring and encouraging pastors and their wives in North India.
Contact them at: paulsueast@me.com