Wholistic ministry means wholesome transformation

What does ‘wholistic’ mean? Shiv Pujan’s story tells it all. This is a story of grace and of God who loves the poor. The grace that reached out to the whole family of a 35-year-old man, through all the spokes in the wheel of Kachhwa Transformational Ministries.

Shiv Pujan’s life turned upside down one night when his cousins pushed him of the roof of their house to settle a property issue. A spinal cord injury turned him into a paraplegic, bed-ridden for five years in a small dingy room, unable to do anything, too weak even to sit up in bed. His wife, Shiv Kumari, faithfully cared for him the best way she knew and worked in the fields to make ends meet.

Two years ago, God led our Community Health & Development team to his house during a routine survey. When they entered Shiv Pujan’s dark room, there was a repulsive stench from the deep wounds of his pressure sores. All they saw was a body lying on a bed in the corner. More than his external wounds, he was deeply wounded in spirit. With no hope, he shared his only desire with the team – to die.

The team encouraged him, enrolled him into the community-based rehabilitation programme and began regular visits. They dressed his wound and managed other symptoms related to the pressure sore. They taught him upper body exercises with regular physiotherapy at home and in the hospital. Today he can sit up, eat and use a wheelchair to move about independently.

He is now filled with hope. Last year, on World Disability Day, Shiv Pujan encouraged others not to give up, not to see disability as a curse but a blessing. Apart from his wife and son, Shiv Pujan shared his home with elderly parents and a brother who was a widower, father of two sons (both mentally challenged), and given to gambling and substance abuse. He took no financial responsibility for the family.

The nephews were screened with the help of the District Psychiatrist and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. They were enrolled in our learning centre and became part of the hospital’s home-based rehabilitation programme. With fi ne motor exercises and other interventions, they can now take care of themselves almost independently.  The boys and Shiv Pujan were helped  to procure disability certificates. Shiv Pujan was helped to avail his disability pension and his elderly parents another government pension scheme.

The team spent time with Shiv Pujan’s severely addicted brother, and the hospital employed him on daily wages for brief periods. There they continued to counsel him and share about God’s love. At the end of two years, God enabled him to give up his addiction. He now takes more responsibilities at home and is employed of and on by the hospital.

The Community Team empowered Shiv Pujan’s wife, Shiv Kumari, by educating her about various government
entitlements. She was able to get electricity not just for her house but for the entire lane. She even went to the
Village Head and got a house and toilet sanctioned as part of the government housing scheme. She has been offered a job by the hospital in our housekeeping department. This means a steady income with various staff benefits. The plan is also to train Shiv Pujan to start some form of small enterprise to earn money.

During all these interactions, the whole family both heard the Gospel and saw it in the care and love of the Community Health department, hospital staff and church pastoral team. They opened their hearts to Jesus Christ. Shiv Pujan’s wife and his brother attend church regularly. Every evening, Shiv Pujan and his wife pray and read the Bible together. He shares his testimony of transformation to whoever he meets.

The changes in the family in the last two years are remarkable. The only explanation is that the wind of God’s Spirit blew in their direction. And he used all the parts of Kachhwa Transformational Ministries. Each was needed.

What can we do in response?
The first is to pray . Then did you see how all the parts of KTM fitted together for this family?
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Article by:
Shankar Ramachandran
Senior Administrative Officer, Kachhwa Christian Hospital