Vijay David and Family – Following the Master from Punjab to Kachhwa

Vijay and Anju David and family left Kachhwa in June 2020 after 17 years of serving the Lord and the community in Majhhwa block and beyond. They have returned to their home state of Punjab to continue ministry there. The whole family have been a blessing to all of us and to the wider community.

Vijay originally came to Kachhwa to serve as an electrician. But as he observed the rising unemployment among the youth, particularly in Majhwa block, he thought he could train them in vocational skills, beginning with electrical work. He would go at 5am into the villages, gather young people and teach them the basics. Later a centre was opened on campus and students started coming in, initially on their way to school or college. Mobile phone repair, basic computer skills, AC and refrigerator courses were added. Sewing courses in the villages gave young women an opportunity to learn – and to mingle with other castes. 

A few stayed on campus and others in a hostel outside. The classes began with devotions and every evening the students gathered together for a time of singing and prayer.

The courses were linked to the government’s Jan Shikshan Sansthan scheme which gives official certificates. Many students went onto find jobs in the cities, many started their own mobile repair shops and some even went abroad when opportunities came, like Rinku, who accepted the Lord, spent 9 years in Dubai and came back to serve his community.. Well over 1000 students have received training.

Anju had a keen interest to work with poor children. She had earlier taught nursery children, and soon began a school on Kachhwa campus. Children came from the surrounding villages, particularly from the lower socio-economic strata. Along with their regular subjects they were taught the scriptures and songs. At its peak the school had around 300 children. Later with the introduction of the Right to Education Act the school was converted into a child development centre. 

Anju was bold in proclaiming the Truth when a platform was given. She was an active student in the early School of Biblical Teaching (SBT) workshops in Mussoorie and Dehra Dun and worked in Women’s ministry along with Catherine Abraham, becoming an accomplished Bible teacher.

Both Vijay and Anju were enterprising and continued to look for ways to uplift the poor and marginalised. The annual summer camp for young ladies was one result. Every year around 100 girls, predominantly from higher caste families, came to the campus for 45 days to learn vocational skills such as art and craft, mehandi, soft toy making, beauticians’ training and hand bag making. The camp culminated in an exhibition of their work and
a cultural programme. 
Vijay started offering small income generation opportunities to the disabled and some vulnerable women by teaching them to make products out of newspaper, such as lamp shades, coasters and Christmas decorations.

Vijay and Anju’s two children, Aman and Muskan, were small when they moved as a family to Kachhwa. Both became involved in the worship team of Kachhwa Bible Church. Muskan was an ace at a tambourine dance which was taught by a visiting team from Hong Kong. She trained many on campus to perform the tambourine dance and today any function at KCH is incomplete without it!

Aman is currently pursuing a bachelors in physiotherapy and Muskan has finished her 12th grade.

Article by:
Dr Raju Abraham
Chairman, Kachhwa