Nurturing a new vision – Mathew George, Communities of Grace

Paul & Su East, SAC partners in India and the UK, spend a lot of their time mentoring and encouraging colleagues, many of them senior leaders. This ministry continues whether they are in the UK (where they are now based for 6 months of the year), in India, or anywhere else.

“Hardly a day goes by without emails, phone calls, WhatsApp or ZOOM contacts,” says Paul. “We are in regular touch with many in the Herbertpur area and beyond. We mentor a couple who pastor a church in Delhi and we are part of CONCERN, with Lalchuangliana. Further afield, based in Chennai, is Dr Mathew George (above), who with his wife Latha headed up development of dental services in the Emmanuel Hospital Association. Here Mathew shares the vision of a new international movement which he and Latha are launching this month.”

What has been the Journey?

Despite our inexperience as indigenous dental missionaries, Latha and I set up the first dental unit in Emmanuel Hospital Association, within forty five days of joining Duncan Hospital in 1993. Over the next twenty years we helped establish dental units in 14 other EHA hospitals, orientated more than 150 young dentists in rural dental care, mentored numerous young professionals in healthcare and trained a large cohort of healthcare workers from three nations of Africa in Primary dental care and treatment through a unique programme called COMDENT. By 2013 the Lord stirred our hearts with a new direction. Over many conversations and prayers with Paul East, my mentor, the Lord laid the vision of a movement among those in healthcare, and so we moved on from EHA.

How did this new season begin?

In the beginning of this year, the Lord rekindled that vision. Along with a few others, Paul East was key in guiding me in taking the step into the unknown with the One who knows all. The Communities of Grace International movement was thus birthed.

What is this movement?

Our vision is the spiritual development of professional Christian healthcare workers. We want to teach and empower healthcare professionals to be ‘Kingdom communities on Mission’, who in turn do the same with others. As healthcare personnel develop a missional mindset and a passion for training, as well as mentoring students and young graduates with a commitment to be Kingdom builders, the movement will spread across India and nations beyond.


Where are we at present?

A series of seven studies on ‘Key aspects of the Kingdom’ and another series of thirty-one ‘Study circle’ materials on ‘Perspectives of the Kingdom in Healthcare’ have been completed. We will be launching them in the second week of January. The modules of a one week blended Missional Healthcare Programme have been completed and we will be launching this in Kenya in the third week of February. The first of the four modules for ‘Mentoring through Coaching’ have been completed and we will be initiating this programme in the third week of January, in Sri Lanka and India. We seek to launch the Two year certified Diploma in the middle of 2022. The initial focus will be divided between East Africa, India, the rest of South Asia and South East Asia.

Who is working with us?

The International Christian Medical and Dental Association, Dr Varghese Philip and the Centre of Leadership Change, Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) Africa, HCFI International and TMS Global USA are the partners who have bought into this movement.

How can you participate?

  • Pray for the teams and the participants, promote this initiative among your friends and provide for the programme. 

For more information:                                                                                                                                                     

  •  Dr. Mathew George:
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Paul East is a member
of the board of COG
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time in discussion with
Mathew each week.