Prayer for Afghanistan

We are deeply saddened at the news from Afghanistan. We pray for the people and for the leaders on all sides. We have seen people’s fear of reprisals and of continuing violence. In every conflict, women and children will suffer most, so we pray particularly for them.

Here are some prayer points, with particular focus on Christians and other minorities:

1. Pray for an end to the violence and for God to give wisdom to the Afghan leaders, and around the world.

2. Pray for the Afghan followers of Isa Masih who are living their faith within their homes. Pray that they find strength, wisdom and supernatural peace in God’s promises.

3. Pray for Believers trying to help. Pray for the wisdom for those who are called to minister to Afghans. Pray that God will open new pathways for them to continue their work under Taliban rule.

4. Pray for safe passage for the displaced. Pray that God will provide safe passage to those who feel led by God to leave Afghanistan and provide for their immediate needs in their new location.

5. Pray that Afghans will meet Isa Masih. The Taliban are strictly adhering to Sharia. As others in Afghanistan see this face of Islam, pray that they will be drawn to Isa Masih, the Saviour who chose to lay down His life for the world.