Prayer for Afghanistan

Evangelicals Now reports an interview with a church leader there:

Speaking anonymously, the church leader said that in areas already under Taliban control,

‘The Taliban come in the area of the mosque and [ask] how many members and households are part of that [area] and they take names of all of those people who live there. They have a [records] book that everyone has to come five times [daily] to the mosque and if you don’t come then there have be good reason you have missed a prayer. So some of them [are] already in that situation … Some have received a threatening that they will be killed.

‘…it’s an obvious thing that they are going to take all the kids and they have to go to retraining… and marrying the Taliban and for the boys to be re-educated in the madrassas and trained as soldiers…

‘Prayer is the number one thing, because God has a purpose, has a plan – He knows what is best for His children in Afghanistan. And the second thing is practical help… and advocacy … These are three things that can happen from our brothers and sisters outside. We don’t feel like we are left alone.

‘Fear is the biggest thing. If leaders are afraid, then the people are afraid. With the peace of God you stay or you leave. Habakkuk complained, but at the end he worshipped God. We want to see the Afghans really see God is sovereign; He is on His throne. Jesus is still that mighty powerful God.’

Anupa* worked as a diplomat in Afghanistan. Last week she heard that Yusuf*, a high government official whom she knew well, has escaped from there and is now in London. He and others like him are broken people, with shattered hopes. Pray that they will find new direction, healing and peace through meeting Isa Masih.

* names changed