News from Kachhwa

Your response to the appeal has been amazing and we are so grateful to God. We had received £226,000 by early June, from our original appeal for £20,000.

The hospital purchased the oxygen generating machine (£20,000), but it has only just arrived, because of national shortages. The ventilators (£30,000) arrived in the first week of June. With the extra funds also sent (£61,000) they can extend Covid facilities and buy needed equipment.

The remainder of the funds have been sent to hospitals in similar rural locations, with the same urgent needs.

Broadwell £10,000
Prem Sewa £20,000
Asha Kiran £15,000
Harriet Benson £30,000
Nav Jivan £20,000
Madhipura £20,000

Many village people are still unconvinced and ignorant about Covid-19, so KCH’s community health team has been going every day to the villages to give Covid awareness announcements.

The snakebite season has started and they have been getting patients with cobra and krait bites. They also need oxygen.

On 30th May they said farewell to Dr. Chering, their senior physician and Medical Superintendent, who has served at Kachhwa for almost 3 years and with EHA for two decades. Dr Chering has gone back to Sikkim to care for her elderly mother. She will be greatly missed.