5:17 Day of prayer

5:17 Prayer day was held on February 27th, 2021 on Zoom. This time there were three live presentations and two recorded videos, from Delhi, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Germany and the UK, followed by the time of prayer. There was also time in the end to share Diaspora missions in Minneapolis and Italy, and ministry in Burma. This way of connecting via zoom is helping people from different countries to join in prayer, build
friendships, support one another in ministry and pray together for missions.

The next 5:17 prayer session will be held on Saturday 19th June 2021, from 10.30am to 12 noon. Save the date and we will send more details soon to register. If you receive Concern by post rather than email, you will need to ask us to send you the details so you can register to join.

South Asian Forum

SAF connects and supports the UK’s growing South Asian church, to enhance its impact within the wider church and to equip it to engage confidently with South Asians of different faiths and cultures. South Asian Forum Leaders Network (SAFLN), a group of church, organisation and ministry leaders meets regularly to pray and discern how to work together more cohesively and support each other in ministry. SAF has regional representative across the UK to help connect, unite and represent South Asian Christians. They have organised many online events like Simply Eat during lockdown.

For more information: Dayalan Mahesan,
South Asian Forum Coordinator,
Evangelical Alliance – www.eauk.org
Email: d.mahesan@eauk.org

Indian Christian Day

3 July 2021 has been announced as “an annual day of remembrance for followers of Lord Jesus Christ of Indian origin, to celebrate the person and message of Jesus Christ which was brought to India in 52 AD by St Thomas the Apostle” (martyred in 72 AD near Chennai). “In marking [this day] we as followers of the Lord Jesus, also preserve our identity within the Indian cultural heritage, while uniting with all who wish to celebrate, irrespective of language, custom, creed, region or religion.”
The celebration launches the “Decade of Celebration (2021-2030) to honour the 2000th anniversary of the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose teaching and life principles have helped to shape and transform India and the world.” See: www.indianchristianday.com

Praying for Sikhs

April 11th-15th, 2021 “Five Days of Prayer for Sikhs”

A clear and interesting prayer guide to help you pray for Sikh people while exploring their faith, culture, needs and concerns. Learn about them and practise the love of Christ by taking five days to pray for Sikh people using World Prayer Guides “Five Days of Prayer for Sikhs.” An excellent resource for your family, church or study group. Click here to order.
April 17th, 2021 “World Prayer Call for S-I-K-H-S”
Join to hear testimonies and pray with others around the world. 3pm, UK time.
For more information, email:swglausanne@gmail.com