Sheldon Bangera releases new CD

Fresh from selling over 7500 copies of his last album ‘Nachoonga’ worldwide, internationally celebrated Indian singer-songwriter, musician and producer Sheldon Bangera is back with new album ‘Raaja Hai Mahaan.’

‘Raaja Hai Mahaan’ documents both Sheldon’s personal spiritual life and also that of the Indian church in 2015. Sheldon says, “This album is a reflection of many seasons with God, some of them we’ve been singing for the last 5 – 7 years. They mark personal experiences and reflections of what God is doing with the church. They are songs of hope and I feel like the whole aesthetic of it will be a blessing to many, even people who don’t understand or speak Hindi.”

Our friend Sanjay Rajo who heads up the Asian youth worship initiative ‘Naujavan’ recently reviewed the CD for us.

From the highly energised Samarth Hai to the more serene Mere Jeevan and to the slightly grittier Stuti, Gao Stuti, Sheldon Bangera’s latest album Raaja Hai Mahaan showcases his own writing and style. These new songs feel authentic and passionate. Whilst the production isn’t the sharpest at times, the mixture of traditional Indian rhythms and instruments with a westernised approach to the songs provides a journey of interest with a real sense of worship at its core. The album certainly feels most at home as Sunday service congregational music – anthems of worship and praise that the local church can gather around. 

The title song Raaja Hai Mahaan is captivating with its hypnotic rhythms and tones and long drawn out melody. The throwback to more traditional South Asian music can be felt here in a unique way. The three English songs help to make more of a connection for listeners who don’t understand Hindi yet continue to incorporate the sound of India.

The outstanding track on the album is Aatmare. Speaking of the Holy Spirit, the song holds together with real weight in lyric, melody and instrumentation. With an evocative bansuri sailing throughout and a depth in the overall feel this is a really great song. The other notable factor is Sheldon’s voice which holds the songs together and is the shining light. 

Picture 9 Raaja Hai Mahaan


If you’d like to hear part of this latest album from Sheldon click here