School of Biblical Teaching in Nepal

Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Nepal as more and more people are coming to the Lord. But if we are not able to give them right teaching from the Bible they might backslide and become Hindu again.

From my knowledge and research, approximately 95% of the pastors have no solid Biblical training. They are keen to read the word and share it with others but, without knowing the context, they are unable to share the complete teaching of the Bible and so explain things from their own understanding. There are now many cults spreading in Nepal due to misinterpretation of the Bible.

It was through the School of Biblical Teaching that I learnt how to interpret the Bible in my life and to change my preaching method. As we have conducted SBT in different parts of Nepal, we have seen a great and tremendous change in pastors and lay leaders. They are now living by it, studying by it and teaching by it. The churches are growing and multiplying.

So far we have only trained 1% of Nepali pastors but would like to train at least 10% within 3 years. Please pray for this and also that our God will supply the finance needed for 30 Regional SBTs and 2 Central SBTs in 2019.

I believe that if we are able to bring SBT to more lay leaders and pastors then it will bring a great revival and spiritual growth strengthening the churches in Nepal.

Article by: Senior Pastor of Khirist Mahima Mandali (Glory To Christ Church), Nepal