Our prayers matter – Pray for South Asia

We were reminded how much our prayers matter several times at the annual Prayer Fellowship for South Asia conference.

The weekend programme took us country by country around South Asia and its people. After some introductory information we set to prayer, usually as one group. ‘Incessant’ may be the best way to describe our prayer times – full of thanksgiving and earnest intercession. With so many people wanting to pray for South Asia it could be hard to get a prayer in! How we thank the Lord for his faithfulness in bringing the good news of Jesus to the people of South Asia.

Ram Gidoomal at PFSA conference

To focus our prayer Ram Gidoomal (SAC Chairman) shared examples, from scripture and testimony, of God’s answers to prayer for the people of South Asia. Songs of worship quietened our hearts and minds in God’s presence as we reflected upon God’s word each day. Prayers of thanksgiving from many of us who know that our prayers matter inspired us throughout the weekend.

We left the weekend knowing there is much more that we might be praying for, and that is what inspires us to keep praying week by week. This conference acts as a powerful refresher as we follow the bi-monthly prayer news from South Asia and the UK.

“One of the most committed groups that I have belonged to.” “An enriching time, I was humbled by the passion and concern for souls.” “I love this group – it does what it says on the tin!”

If you would like to find out more about the 5:17 (formerly Prayer fellowship for South Asia) please click here. 
Richard Todd

Article by Richard Todd