Naujavan: releasing a movement

Sanjay RajoI remember praying for someone at the end of a Naujavan event, right after preaching on asking for more of God. This person didn’t share their need and I didn’t feel it was right to ask, so we prayed for more of the Holy Spirit and that was that. Two weeks later I bumped into this person, who revealed that up until that moment they had suffered with severe nightmares, often screaming the house down, and since praying for them they had slept peacefully and quietly! What a thing to have happened and what joy for them!


On another occasion a young man walked into one of our evening events, as a new believer from Hindu background. Assuming he was the only South Asian Christian on planet earth, he was shocked when he was met with several hundred other young people who shared his background and exclaimed “I thought I was the only one!”  That was significant moment in his journey. Over the years I’ve seen God at work in young lives all over the country and what’s most exciting is we’re only just getting started, even though we’ve been doing this for a while now.

In 1998, in the quiet streets of Southampton in the UK, a vision to see young South Asian leaders inspired, developed and equipped was born. This was an opportunity to see a generation of ‘Moses’ like leaders that were uniquely made and placed to reach those that no one else could. 16-30 year old South Asians were largely an unreached people group and who better than Christians of the same age and background to reach them? The need to invest into an emerging generation was obvious but the way forward was unknown.

Fast forward 18 years after lots of events and relationship building with rising young leaders, we’re thrilled to see the release of new Naujavan Regional Teams in different parts of the UK and other parts of the world. The core of our work has always been evangelism and discipleship and through these new young leaders our prayer is many more lives would be impacted. In line with that heart, we’ve just released our new website with details on all our latest events, inspiration and most excitingly the brand new Built on the Rock Course.

The Course is a total of 15 sessions (although we’re only releasing the first 5 sessions right now) aimed at helping new and young believers understand more of the Bible and the application of it in our lives. Each session is based on four or five central Bible passages, discussion questions, helpful analogies and short videos which showcase the stories of young people and act as a launch-pad for deeper conversation. These videos are what make this resource unique as the stories are from a young South Asian Christian perspective. This is powerful within our context and hopefully grounds the reality of our faith in the here and now.

The Course is ideal for small groups, youth groups and connect groups. Not only that but we’ve put together a handy ‘how-to’ guide to help in preparing to run the course wherever you are in the world. We’d love you to get involved and use this. You can download and register it all for free here.

Please continue to stand with us as we pray for and work with this new generation of leaders. These are such exciting times and this is only the beginning!

Article by Sanjay Rajo

Naujavan is a movement of young South Asians, uniquely made and placed, united as family through the unstoppable love of Jesus.

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