Gujarati Journeys of Faith

The Gujaratis, as a people group, are estimated at 60 million and are known to be deeply spiritual. Some 2.5 million Gujaratis have made their homes in every corner of the globe and have risen to the top in the fields of education, politics, media and business. The most famous ones include Mahatma Gandhi and Narendra Modi. Other well-known families are Shah, Patel, Modha, Metha and Kotecha.

Gujarati Journeys of Faith is a new book that compiles the stories of first generation Gujaratis who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  These testimonies walk us through their journeys of discovery as they were seeking answers to life’s purpose and spirituality.  Each story is unique and told in a very honest and personal way.  Chapter titles include: Take Gandhi’s Advice and Jesus Doesn’t Stop Me Being Gujarati.

Included are stories from young/old and women/men from a range of professions and walks of life.  Many of them are stories of adventure and exploration.  In the process, they encountered Jesus as their Saviour.  We trust each story will inspire and challenge readers in their own journeys and see that the God of the Bible is a relational God who can meet them in their own language and culture.  This is an evangelistic book intended to be given as a gift to the Gujarati friends and family members that you have been praying for. The book is not for sale but is available for free to those who will pass it on. Please do pray that each book that is given will be received with an open heart.

Book edited by Deepak and Celia Mahtani with Rahil Patel

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