Forman Christian College, Pakistan

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) was founded in Lahore in 1864 by Dr Charles Forman, a US Presbyterian missionary. It was part of the three-pronged Presbyterian mission focus of health, education and church and is the second oldest university in Pakistan. Over its 154 year history it has survived the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 and nationalisation by the government for 32 years beginning in 1972. It was returned to a private Christian Board in 2003 and became a government recognised University in 2004.

At FC College we offer a liberal arts education that prepares students not just in their area of study but for citizenship and life. We have a BA/BSc program with a choice of 23 majors, 15 Masters programmes and 4 PhD programs for post-graduate students. Altogether FC College has over 7,400 students. Forman’s need-based financial assistance programme provides assistance to over 1,400 students. It helps many but particularly Christian students, most of whom come from poorer backgrounds. Through the Christian Life Program and other initiatives they can grow in their faith as well as learn to stand and take their place in Pakistani society as equal citizens.

Each year we have a separate event to honour Christian students who have just graduated. The first graduate who was chosen to speak, Jamil, came to Forman Christian College with only $60 in his pocket – the total amount his relatives could scrape together. Now, four years later, he had graduated and had a job. His testimony was that of finding his faith through the Christian Life Programme, of God faithfully meeting his needs and his growing confidence to stand in Pakistani society as a Christian. It brought tears to my eyes. As he moved onstage the senior Christian faculty member who was responsible for organising this event, leaned over to me and said, “And you and I are blessed by God to have the privilege of working in this University.” How true!

As a Christian led institution, we extend an umbrella of God’s grace to all who come to us. No person is considered less important than another as we seek to live out our motto “By love serve one another” (Galatians 3:19).

Article by: Dr Jim Tebbe,
Forman Christian College,
Lahore, Pakistan