Crisscrossing India with Good News

Concern was founded in 1995 to be an instrument for networking, catalysing, facilitating and encouraging church planting in north India. Our vision is that every person in north India will hear the gospel and that all believers will worship and serve the Lord Jesus in the context of their own cultures and languages.

We started keeping statistics on church growth in 2001 and during the past eighteen years 1.12 million new believers have been baptised within the network. Currently some 1.5 million people are worshipping in 98,000 churches and smaller house churches (see photo). Over 14,500 students are also being cared for in 102 schools of various sizes. This year our goal is to bring at least 112,000 people to trust in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and be baptised and to establish over 10,000 house churches.

The distinctive nature of this enterprise is that it is a network – and Concern is the facilitator. It is not a controlling agency but an enabler and advocate. We are not about structures, buildings and having a large staff but about spiritual relevance. Our USP is not our skills or expertise but the trust our network members and supporters rest on us. We are connected with many local churches and missions as part of our networking activity and many of our network members now have their own networks – which is exciting. We believe that such networks crisscrossing north India will be the means by which we realise the vision God has given us.

At our 2019 Network Annual Meeting last January we had four new participants from Mizoram state. One of them, Mimi, powerfully led the prayer session in the strength of the Spirit of God. Our Chairman and co-founder Dr Raju Abraham and his wife Catherine were with us and they encouraged us with their presence and words of affirmation. Rev (Dr) Abhi Chandra Sethia brought us a powerful message on “Excellence” as found in the life of Daniel and the meeting concluded with a message of hope by Uncle Mawizuala and mutual prayer for all of us. We took leave of one another with new zeal and commitment, trusting that this will be a year of fruitfulness in our lives and in our ministries.

Concern considers South Asian Concern (SAC) as its parent mission. From the time of its conception, SAC has always motivated, promoted, encouraged and supported Concern to play its pioneering role as Network Facilitator in strategic north India.

Article by: Lalchuangliana Co-founder Concern
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