People of other faiths are open to hear our story of Jesus… I’d like to visit a Sikh Temple… I need to speak about Jesus Christ more to South Asians… When sharing faith, meet people where they are…

Recently Usha and I were privileged to get to know the community at Lee Abbey in London as we travelled with them through the East+West course. The young volunteers come from the UK and overseas taking a ‘gap year’ to serve students studying at  university or guests visiting London for a few days.

As we looked at Awareness, Building Bridges and Communicating across Cultures I was struck once again by Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4). He met her in a public place, started a conversation on common ground (they both needed water), didn’t get drawn into an argument and helped her understand more about Himself.

Our final session at Lee Abbey focused on Disciple-Making. Together we explored how faith develops all through life as we search for fresh understanding in the light of new experiences. We also discussed how much of the way we ‘do church’ has more to do with Western culture and tradition than Biblical teaching and, perhaps, challenged ourselves over our own expectations. It was on the strength of the woman’s testimony that many Samaritans put their faith in Jesus and many more believed when they heard him for themselves. They declared “We are certain that he is the Saviour of the World”.

Article by: Rosey Johnson, Communications Manager