Diaspora Mission

International Sindhi Partnership

South Asian Concern has been involved in the International Sindhi Partnership since it started in 2000, in order to work together to reach the estimated 35 million Sindhis around the world (of whom about 52,000 are followers of Jesus).

This year’s partnership consultation had to be cancelled because of Covid-19. Since then we’ve had a global Zoom fellowship/prayer call and online country calls for India, North America and Central America. We’ve also provided training for running the Alpha course online with participants from four countries and we are currently helping an Asian believer explore how to establish a Sikh partnership.

When the Partnership started, there were International Sindhi Partnership no known Sindhi believers in Nigeria, and now after several years of prayer we’re in touch with a Sindhi pastor there, and know of about 30 believers.  But there may be over 5,000 Sindhis in the country, so under 1% of the community have come to Christ. And in Pakistan, there are still under 500 Sindhi background followers of Christ out of a population of 30 million Sindhis.

We know that a successful strategy is to have family prayer groups that pray for, and reach out to other family members, and would love to see more put in place. We would also love to see more countries involved, with at least a local Sindhi fellowship praying for that country.

Lastly, members of the partnership in 7 different countries have put together a video resource of skits and music, which is about to be released.

From Kathmandu to Rochdale

Ram Prasad & Keshari Shrestha have served as mission trainers and mobilisers for more than 15 years in Nepal, working with the National Mission Commission of Nepal. They strongly felt a call by the Lord for cross-cultural missionary service:

After much prayer and waiting, the Lord has finally opened the door for us to go to Rochdale, UK to serve with SIM (www.sim.co.uk) under the leadership of the Antioch Network in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. This has been set up by the Bishop of Manchester to create a network of new, small worshipping communities, with the aim of bringing Diaspora Mission more young people to faith, particularly in deprived and ethnically diverse areas.

Why Rochdale?

• Rochdale is a multi-cultural town with people from many nations e.g. Iran, Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Romania, Iraq, many African countries and many more!
• Fully one third of the population are of Asian heritage (2011 Census). More recent migration has added to the diversity:
Pakistani 24%, Bangladeshi 5.4%, Other Asian 3%.
• Rochdale has the highest level of asylum seekers anywhere in England.
• This gives us a massive opportunity to share the Gospel and make disciples of all nations.

We are hoping to start our assignment from mid-2020. Our term of service will be for 3 years. Without your fervent prayers and generous partnership, we may not be able to fulfil it.

Contact them for more information on how you can pray: rampsdshrestha@gmail.com