The Last Nation to Have no Indigenous Church?

Since 2011, possession of religious texts other than the Quran carries an automatic five-year prison sentence in the Maldives. Yet no one would be arrested for carrying a Bible in Dhivehi, the language of the Maldives, because they do not have one!

The Idea of India

As India’s constitution reaches 70 years of age Dr R reflects on the Christian contributions that have helped to build the nation and, with elections looming, the need for prayer.

Pray for Nepal

Nepal needs your prayers! Sharing the Gospel in Nepal is a criminal offence. However, Churches are still pushing to fulfill the great commission even though they are risking their lives and jeopardizing their ministries. There is a sense of being privileged to share in suffering with Jesus for the cause of the gospel in Nepal.

Focus on Pakistan

On 18th 2018 former cricketer Imran Khan took the oath to become Pakistan’s Prime Minister. During his victory speech, he laid out the policy outlines for his future government. What are some of the issues he’ll have to deal with and how can we pray for him and for his country?

Focus on Sri Lanka

Despite its natural beauty and splendour, for which we give God thanks, there is much we need to pray for Sri Lanka into order to bring this beautiful island closer to God’s heartbeat.

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things…

I am constantly reminded that what we say and what others hear are rarely the same thing. That is especially true when preaching in a multi-cultural context. Since the most common immigrant group locally are Tamils, my church generously sent me off on sabbatical to Sri Lanka and India last summer.
baby Jesus

Discovering the Meaning of Christmas

Growing up in Asia for the first 12 years of my life, I had celebrated Christmas as a time of gifts and parties. I had no idea of the meaning of Christmas or that it had anything to do with any religion, least of all Christianity.

Lessons in love

Anumati was married at 19. A marriage had been arranged for her elder sister but, the day before the wedding, her sister ran away. Wanting to save her family from shame, Anumati decided she would be married in her sister’s place.
Bread that unites

The Roti – Bread that Unites

It is important in our discovery of interfaith engagement to remember that we begin with a shared story and this is no better illustrated than in the story of bread.

Is Inter Faith Week any use?

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Asians in street

Is the UK a Christian Nation?

It would be easy to assume the recent political debate over whether…

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