Points for prayer

  • Thank God for the ‘wholistic’ work of KTM, with each team contributing to change in all areas of life – mental,
    physical, spiritual, educational, social, economic and more.
  • KTM urgently need at least one more senior doctor to join the team.
  • Please also pray that God would bring more like-minded families to serve alongside the KTM hospital as volunteers, ie coming as partners.
  • Thank God for the transformation in Shiv Pujan’s family and pray for their continuing growth in every way.
  • Pray for many other families like them, with great needs.
  • Thank God for Vijay and Anju David’s family for serving the Lord and the community in Majhhwa block and
    beyond for 17 years.
  • Pray that God will continue to use them in Punjab where they have moved recently.
  • Pray that more couples like Vijay and Anju would start serving the Lord.
  • Pray that Christians across 10 nations will use the 15 Days Prayer Diary and will pray with love for Hindu people during Diwali.
  • Pray that the Global Hethne Congress postponed to 2021 will be conducted as planned and all the requirements and needs to be met
  • Pray for Kristian Harang’s burden to spread the good news via tracts across the globe.
  • Pray that the annual one-day conference on ‘Building Church among Muslims in Britain’ in Birmingham will
    be held as planned and many will be benefited by the seminars.
  • PPI: As PPI is involved in many projects during this lock down to help the poor and needy, pray that all the
    financial requirements will be met, and many will come to know the saving knowledge of Christ.
  • Herbertpur Christian Hospital Fellowship: Pray for the increasing financial needs to be met and for the mental health of all the leaders.