Points for prayer – July 2021

Living in the diaspora

Pray for those of us living in the diaspora:

(i) give thanks for the opportunities for community with people of all backgrounds where we live.

(ii) pray that we will take opportunities to share ourselves and our faith

(iii) pray for those who feel separated at this time from loved ones in South Asia.

(iv) pray that we will all recognise our part in God’s family, across different cultures and backgrounds.

Ram Prasad & Keshari Shrestha, Rochdale, UK

Thank God:

(i) for helping them to settle quickly. Continue to pray for their health.

(ii) for the new church in Deeplish and the connection with the Bhutanese church.

(iii) for their contacts with people of all backgrounds.

Pray for:

(i) the book table project that they are going to start soon.

(ii) the people they are connected with to grow as disciples.

(iii) Ram Prasad preaching in the Bhutanese and Nepali congregations and Keshari teaching children, that God would use them to equip his people.

Covid 19 in South Asia

(i) Continue to pray for God’s mercy to control the pandemic, for all health personnel and for the supply of vaccines.

(ii) Pray for the many who have been bereaved and particularly for the families of pastors and Christian workers who have died. Pray too for their congregations.

Thank God:

(i) for the generosity of so many in South Asia and outside, who have provided funds, equipment, food and care.

(ii) for the life of Pragasam David. Pray for his family, including his daughter Celia.

Kachhwa Christian Hospital

(i) Thank God for the equipment that has been purchased for KCH and other rural hospitals.

(ii) Pray for Dr Chering who has left to care for her mother and for the needed senior doctors (physician, paediatrician, gynaecologist).

(iii) Pray for the new surgeon, Dr. Daniston, who has just passed out of CMC Vellore.

(iv) After becoming a Covid unit, there has been a drop in the number of general patients coming to the hospital (perhaps due to lockdown as well) – pray that more patients may come to the hospital.