East + West at Lee Abbey, London

People of other faiths are open to hear our story of Jesus… I’d like to visit a Sikh Temple… When sharing faith, meet people where they are… Recently Usha and I were privileged to get to know the community at Lee Abbey in London as we travelled with them through the East+West course.

I will make the rough places smooth

My tribe live in the hill country of the Himalayas and follow the Hindu faith. When I was a young man my people chose me as one of their representatives and spiritual leader.

Ministry among Hindus (UK) Consultation

How is Hinduism impacting the UK? What can the Church do to enable Hindus to have encounters with Jesus? What resources are you using in your ministry?

Compass Braille: Opening the Door to Literacy

Compass Braille has been transcribing and producing Braille Bibles in various languages since 1990. As technology has progressed and their expertise has grown they now have Bibles and books in 50 languages and are working on others.
Prayer on the Streets

Prayer on the Streets

Taking the Gospel out on the streets can be an uncomfortable…

Robin interviewed on Moody Radio

Our Partner, Robin Thomson, was recently interviewed on Moody…

Reaching the World on your Doorstep

The face of Britain is changing. There are more people from ‘ethnic…

Ministry in the Mountains - encouraging the church in Nepal

The church in Nepal is now said to be one of the fastest growing…

Naujavan: releasing a movement

I remember praying for someone at the end of a Naujavan event,…

Stories from the Slums

Sugandh has worked among some of the most deprived communities…

A Day of Prayer, Passion and Pakoras

We are delighted to announce the success of South Asian Concern’s…
Beauty in Jars of Clay

Beauty in Jars of clay

After several months of planning and prayer it was such a joy…