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Reaching South Asians in Italy

Ramesh pushed his bike along the dirt path in San Vito when I met him. I needed to ask for directions to find the Gurdwara and in his broken English offered to show me the way. As we walked together I got to know one of the many South Asians that live in Latina province, Italy.

Pastor Bihrai Lal

Earlier this year I was privileged to visit some of SAC’s partners in North India. One person who I met was Pastor Bihari Lal who is the volunteer, visiting chaplain at Herbertpur Christian Hospital.

Bahen Sathe (with sisters)

So much of the South Asian culture is about learning by being around older sisters (bahen sathe) but, for those stepping into ministry, this support if often hard to find. With this in mind, I recently gathered a small group of sisters for an evening of food, prayer and sharing stories.

What happens when 5:17 pray?

Our Autumn Day of Prayer was an intense few hours of prayer. Each speaker was allowed just 5 minutes to present followed by 17 minutes of prayer.  As we prayed in groups of 3 or 4 or as one large group there was buzz of intercession for God’s work among the people of South Asia.

Loving our Nepali Neighbours

Asha and her husband came to the UK in 2010, along with several thousand other ex-Gurkha families after they received the right to reside here. The men re-connected with their old army contacts; but for Asha life on an estate in Farnborough came as a huge shock.

Dentistry and Discipleship

When the driver dropped me in the Kachhwa campus I thought I was in the middle of a jungle. It was July – raining, wet and humid – and all the trees were fully grown and very green. Dr Honeysh tells how his work and his faith have developed since starting work as a Dental Surgeon at Kachhwa Christian Hospital.

East + West at Lee Abbey, London

People of other faiths are open to hear our story of Jesus… I’d like to visit a Sikh Temple… When sharing faith, meet people where they are…

Recently Usha and I were privileged to get to know the community at Lee Abbey in London as we travelled with them through the East+West course.

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things…

I am constantly reminded that what we say and what others hear are rarely the same thing. That is especially true when preaching in a multi-cultural context. Since the most common immigrant group locally are Tamils, my church generously sent me off on sabbatical to Sri Lanka and India last summer.

Discovering the Meaning of Christmas

Growing up in Asia for the first 12 years of my life, I had celebrated Christmas as a time of gifts and parties. I had no idea of the meaning of Christmas or that it had anything to do with any religion, least of all Christianity.

Prayer on the Streets

Taking the Gospel out on the streets can be an uncomfortable prospect but, for eight years, a small team from our church in Harrow has been praying for healing and sharing the gospel with our neighbours. We set up Prayer on the Streets out of a sense of urgency as we realised that what we did in the […]

Sunday 8 April 2018: Rosey at Chiltern Church, Sutton

On Sunday 8 April 2018 Rosey Johnson, our Operations Manager, will be preaching at Chiltern Church in Sutton at 10.45 am (tea/coffee from 10.30 am). This is a wonderful opportunity for her to share about the work of South Asian Concern and to encourage believers in their faith. If you are in the area you […]

Reaching the World on your Doorstep

The face of Britain is changing. There are more people from ‘ethnic minorities’ living in London than those who would describe themselves as ‘white British’. In our streets, our work places and our churches we hear languages from around the world. And this creates a challenge for our evangelism. How do we reach out to […]

Lessons in love

Anumati was married at 19. A marriage had been arranged for her elder sister but, the day before the wedding, her sister ran away. Wanting to save her family from shame, Anumati decided she would be married in her sister’s place.

Naujavan: releasing a movement

I remember praying for someone at the end of a Naujavan event, right after preaching on asking for more of God. This person didn’t share their need and I didn’t feel it was right to ask, so we prayed for more of the Holy Spirit and that was that. Two weeks later I bumped into […]

Stories from the Slums

Sugandh has worked among some of the most deprived communities in New Delhi, India for almost 20 years. Led by Mrs Thangtei David, the team is wholly committed to two slum and resettlement communities spearheading child development, women’s self-help groups and community empowerment. Staff in both its child development centres focus on supporting children; to […]

A Day of Prayer, Passion and Pakoras

We are delighted to announce the success of South Asian Concern’s 5:17 Prayer Day on Saturday 7th May. The event, which took place at King’s Cross Baptist Church in central London, brought in nearly 60 of our supporters who were all keen to pray! Named after Paul’s encouragement to the church in Thessalonica to “pray […]

Beauty in Jars of clay

After several months of planning and prayer it was such a joy to host 46 women (wives of pastors and church planters) from the surrounding districts, for two days of worshipping, teaching, praying, playing and eating! Two ladies came from a remote mountainous area more than ten hours by jeep and bus, while others were […]

Unite to End TB

On 28th March 2016 Kachhwa Christian Hospital Transformational Ministries (KTM) observed World TB Day. The event was organised by KTM’s Community Health and Development Team with a special rally to bring awareness of TB to the community in Kachhwa Town and nearby villages. Mrs Sabila Begam, Chairman of Kachhwa Town Municipality, was chief guest. She […]

Christian Satsang at London School of Theology

The Sanskrit word Satsang literally means ‘gathering together (sang) for the truth (sat)’ and, although Satsangs are popular among Hindus and people of South Asian origin, they can also be an expression of Christian spirituality. One Tuesday evening a group of around 50 people gathered at London School of Theology to take part in a […]

One church – four congregations

  How do you fit four into one? That’s the challenge facing us at St James’ Alperton (North London). In an area with a majority of Hindu Gujarati people and a large number of Tamil people, St James has four services each Sunday: two in English, one in Tamil and one in Hindi, Urdu and […]

Pakistan prayer summit – a personal perspective

At the end of last year, Suneel Shivdasani, one of SAC’s trustees, attended a Pakistan prayer summit. Suneel comes from a Hindu background. Why did you make the trip? I went to Pakistan to pray for Sindhis and those working amongst them. It was a four day prayer summit and 58 people attended including 11 […]

Rahil Patel interviewed by Premier Radio

Our friend Rahil Patel was recently interviewed by Lucinda Vanderhart for Premier radio. Their conversation was broadcast as part of The Profile on Saturday 30 January. Rahil is speaking about his journey of faith from high profile Hindu Priest to follower of Jesus.  It is a remarkable story which he tells more fully in his book […]

Sheldon Bangera releases new CD

Fresh from selling over 7500 copies of his last album ‘Nachoonga’ worldwide, internationally celebrated Indian singer-songwriter, musician and producer Sheldon Bangera is back with new album ‘Raaja Hai Mahaan.’ ‘Raaja Hai Mahaan’ documents both Sheldon’s personal spiritual life and also that of the Indian church in 2015. Sheldon says, “This album is a reflection of […]

The WAY through the Old Testament

After Jesus’ resurrection, when He walked with those two disciples on the WAY to Emmaus, Luke tells us that ‘beginning with Moses….he explained to them everything that was said in all the scriptures about himself.’ When I visited the Alliance Project in Lucknow in 2014 I had intended to emulate this but only got as […]

Our prayers matter – Pray for South Asia

We were reminded how much our prayers matter several times at the annual Prayer Fellowship for South Asia conference. The weekend programme took us country by country around South Asia and its people. After some introductory information we set to prayer, usually as one group. ‘Incessant’ may be the best way to describe our prayer […]

What a glorious day!

Last weekend over 100 supporters joined staff and Trustees at King’s Cross Baptist Church for the South Asian Concern Celebration marking 25 years since the charity’s formation. The afternoon was opened by SAC Director Kevin Wren who introduced Rachel Chandrasekaran who led the congregation in worship. Rachel is part of the Tamil Fellowship which meets at […]

Kevin Wren interviewed on Premier Radio

  Our Director, Kevin Wren, recently met up with Andy Peck of The Leadership File to be interviewed about South Asian Concern.  If you missed their conversation when it was broadcast on Premier Radio grab a cup of coffee, settle down in your favourite chair and click here.  The programme lasts for half an hour. […]

How do we talk about immigration?

By Robin Thomson ‘Immigration’ may be the dirtiest word in British politics today. Whether it’s the crowds in Calais, risking death in the tunnel, the bedraggled families camping in Athens, or just the prospect of strangers taking our jobs and our culture, our politicians compete with each other in alarm and distaste. Even those who […]

Afternoon tea with Sugandh

It is very difficult for people living in poverty to save money and what little they have is often kept at home where it might be stolen or destroyed by fire. Setting up women’s saving groups is just one way that Sugandh work with those living in Delhi’s slums. Last Sunday I spent an enjoyable […]

Filthy Rich

Manoj Raithatha had it all. A booming property business, a picture-book family and the power to shape his destiny. His was a life to envy. Then his professional and personal worlds were shattered. The 2008 financial crisis devastated his business and a sudden illness threatened his son’s life. With his hollow foundations exposed, Manoj found […]

It’s just like Pentecost!

Already being seen by many as a nation changing movement, my wife Celia and I were privileged to be part of the second United Christian Prayer for India summit which was held in Hyderabad in June 2015. Amongst the 780 delegates from over 50 church denominations were Archbishop Vincent Concessao from Delhi (representing the mainstream […]

All change for King’s Cross!

After being in Sutton for the last 25 years, SAC’s office is on the move. We are excited to be taking up residence in offices owned by King’s Cross Baptist Church, in central London, just a 10 minute walk from King’s Cross railway and tube station. This will mean a far more central location, making […]